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Tax Advice & Tax Return

Holthaus Advies offers tailor-made tax advice, suited to the needs of businesses. Our advisors understand the importance of accurate insight into the tax position of any business. Moreover, our advisers know how to make use of tax benefits. Thus substantially saving costs.

Holthaus Advies advises, amongst other things, on:

  • tax returns – VAT, personal income tax, corporate income tax and/or wage tax
  • the set up of tax structures
  • contact with the Dutch Tax Authorities

Financial Reporting

Financial reporting provides the framework for business. With these reports, businesses are accountable to their various stakeholders, such as the tax authorities, shareholders and investors. Moreover, directors have a legal financial reporting obligation. Not adhering to such an obligation may potentially lead to Director’s Liability.

Financial reporting comes in all sorts and sizes; each business will have a particular approach to best suit its needs. Holthaus Advies knows the right approach for your business; and delivers it in a fast and accurate manner. Be it for large or small enterprises.

Holthaus Advies offers various solutions. It can conduct your full financial reporting, leaving you all necessary space to focus on doing business. However, Holthaus Advies can also perform financial reporting services in a hands-off manner; thus assisting you in doing your own financial reporting.


Our clients generally prefer to focus on their core competence: entrepreneurial excellence. However, it is fundamental to have efficient and insightful payrolling in place. From a business perspective, but also to meet regulatory requirements.

Holthaus Advies has (national and international) expertise in payrolling services, social insurances and expat matters (such as the 30% rule). Furthermore, Holthaus Advies fully services the proper administration of payroll matters. This includes:

On a monthly basis:

  • Standard wage calculation and pay slip
  • Journal entry reports
  • Payment reports
  • Electronically filing of wage tax returns

On a yearly basis:

  • Annual salary reports
  • ‘verzamelloonstaten’
  • Cumulative journal entries

Invoicing and debt collecting

Holthaus Advies understands the importance of your incoming and outgoing payments. These directly influence your cash flow and, as such, the very core of your business. Even so, many businesses prefer to devote time to other matters, focussing on entrepreneurial matters.

Therefore, Holthaus Advies completely services your billing, credit management and debt collection. With its specialised debt collectors, Holthaus Advies also effectively approaches defaulting payments. If needed, Holthaus Advies has the required legal expertise to ensure that payments are settled.

Corporate Finance 

Based on its long-time experience in financial, tax and legal services, Holthaus Advies has specialized in corporate finance. The team’s commercial mindset comes in useful here.
We enjoy giving advice in areas such as the sale and purchase of companies, mergers, demergers, investor attraction and other strategic expansion plans.
It’s not only the negotiations and deal making that appeal to us, but also the emotional engagement. Emotional aspects, such as whether the financial gains of the sale of a company outweigh the emotional loss, are also considered, as are the consequences for the employees and the customers.
Holthaus Advies supervises the entire corporate finance trajectory with a personal approach and with passion. From compiling the information memorandum and determining the value of the company to the due diligence and negotiations.
In this way we offer our clients key assistance at the most important times of decision.