Socially aware

Sasha Rabiee BSc


Helping clients is what he likes doing best, which makes Sasha the ideal account manager for Holthaus. If you add up his expertise in the area of financial compliance to this, you will understand that he is very much at home at Holthaus! During his Accountancy study at Hogeschool InHolland, Sasha gained his first working experience in financial service provision. After graduating, he immediately started to work for IFAA Accountants & Belastingadviseurs as an Assistant Accountantx.

With six years of experience on his hands and with the world at his feet, we are happy that Sasha has now chosen for Holthaus. Do you need a financial report very quickly? Then Sasha is your man. Ask him anything you like about your annual accounts. And if you’re talking to him anyway, then don’t hesitate to ask whether he likes chocolate! Apart from the contact with clients, he is a lover of sports, travelling and delicious food.

Welcome to our team, Sasha