Socially aware

Sacha van der Woert LLM

Account manager

Behind every question there is a personal story. That’s why Account Manager Sacha van der Woert always makes sure she gets all the details. “This allows me to give my clients the best advice for their situation”, says Sacha. She likes to be inspired by a wide range of things. After all, diversity provides the dynamics for approaching an issue from different points of view and is the key for Sacha to grasp complex subjects. While she was studying Taxation Law and Economics at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, she did a traineeship in the Global Mobility Division of PwC. Here she mostly worked for multinationals, but later, in her first job at Mazer, her focus was on small and medium-sized businesses. At Holthaus, these two now come together.

The cross-pollination between tax specialists and accountants, which is so characteristic of our firm, also provides her with inspiring new insights. In her time off work, Sacha likes to play sports, ranging from dancing to boxing and playing squash. Here, too, Sacha likes to take different angles so she can always be as sharp as a razor.