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Lorena Velasco Cruz LLM

Partner Holthaus Legal

Lorena Velasco Cruz is the co-founder of Holthaus Legal, next to Jeroen Holthaus, and advises on legal matters. She obtained a Masters degree after finalizing Law and Technology at Tilburg University, a program with heavy focus on (new) media, e-commerce and intellectual property. In 2019 after six years of working for different multinationals, she decided to take the opportunity and start a legal firm.

Because of her experience as a Legal Counsel for, amongst others, the stock listed tech-giant Aalberts, Lorena has built a vast amount of expertise in areas like contract law, employment law, liability law and corporate law. Next to that as a Privacy Officer she was responsible for both the implementation and compliance of General Data Protection Regulation, and as a Compliance Officer for the governance within the organization.

Her experience as an in-house corporate lawyer made Lorena not only judge matters from a legal perspective, she also considers the commercial implications entrepreneurs and their organizations face. This makes her a valuable sparringpartner. Lorena thinks along with the strategy of the organization and pragmatically connects this thinking to necessary legal steps and/or documentation. But be sure not to expect, traditional and overly complicated advice because she assists companies with a hands-on approach and operates in a refreshing way.

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Has Spanish roots, was born in Amsterdam and raised bilingual. Is chef du maison, organizes dinner events together with her boyfriend and works-out regularly to be able to organize even more dinners. Enjoys her Friday nights with friends and family and gets a smile on her face from the sun.