Socially aware

Kim Stecher

HR manager

Our HR manager Kim is the proverbial rock in the surf for all the professionals within Holthaus. Kim coaches our entire team. She connects people, offers support and gives everyone the space they need to fully develop their talents.

Kim herself also has many years of experience as an entrepreneur, which she gained in the events industry. When she was only still a student at In Holland College (Creative Communication), she set up the events and entertainment company Kim&Jeroen together with Jeroen. It was not long before Kim was doing productions for clients like Red Bull, Mercedes Benz, Smart, Sid Lee, YPO and NS. By now, their company has grown into a production company with track records in both the Netherlands and abroad. A life full of colourful clients, suppliers and artists has professionalised Kim’s innate love for working with people.

Fulfilment, personal development and spirituality are important elements in Kim’s life. They colour the way in which she carries out her work as HR manager. As a volunteer, she has supported the Goal Mentoring Project targeting vulnerable youngsters in Amsterdam. At home she likes to play vinyl records, with all kinds of disco, club and house classics as a home DJ. Kim starts every day with yoga. She meditates and recharges her battery both in the kitchen and outdoors. She is engaged to Jeroen and together they have two daughters, Denver and Daylyn.