Kelly Kramer

Managing partner

Doing business in the most tax-efficient way - that’s what we all want! And that’s something Kelly can help you achieve. As managing partner, she organises all of your financial affairs, down to the last detail. Kelly will come up with the answers to all of your questions about tax law. She is very precise and closely watches the deadlines and the legislation applicable to you. She can also transparently chart all your opportunities and risks. Not just number-wise, but also in terms of what they mean for you and your business.

After completing two Master’s Degrees (Tax Law and European Studies, one of which at Amsterdam Free University), Kelly specialised in national and international financial/tax subjects. She gained experience at Hertz in Dublin and at a consulting firm in Bussum. Kelly is also a Registered Tax Advisor. Before she started working with numbers, she worked as a skiing instructor on Canadian and Austrian mountain slopes. These days you might find her playing tennis or planning a trip to a destination still unknown in her free time.