Socially aware

Angela Botman LLB

Senior account manager

It’s already a while ago that Angela completed her graduation traineeship at Holthaus in order to obtain her Law Degree (at HBO level). Meanwhile she has moved on to the position of senior account manager of our company. Angela mainly works in our tax practice. She has the answers to all your VAT questions. Would you like to know what you can and cannot deduct? Ask Angela and she will give you clear-cut advice. Thanks to her inquisitiveness, she graduated with honour. She then stayed with Holthaus and completed various studies next to her work.

After completing a Pre-Master in Law at the Open University, she is now doing a Master in Commercial Private law at the University of Amsterdam. Her work is characterised by the fact that she always puts the client first. Angela is very passionate about her work and has a keen eye for entrepreneurship. She will gladly give you legal and tax advice and ensure that your tax returns are filed correctly and in time. Although she doesn’t have much time left for hobbies, she is a great lover of travelling and photography.