Socially aware

Ablahad Ibrahim BSc

Account manager

Our account manager Ablahad is someone you can build on, both as a client and as a colleague. He can prepare your forecasts, valuations and annual accounts. All of this with great precision and a large dose of expertise. He can translate the subject-matter in question into your needs as an entrepreneur at high speed. When Ablahad had finished Saxion College in Enschede with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accountancy, he immediately moved to Amsterdam. Born in Syria and raised in the Netherlands, he is now fully committed to counselling the Account Your Future talents at Holthaus Advies. If you have any financial IT-related question or if there’s anything you want to know about Excel, Ablahad has the answer for you. In his free time he is also a very dynamic person and can be found climbing, running or doing workouts in the gym. But whenever possible, he also likes to pick up a book and read or take out his camera.