Holthaus Advies


Holthaus Advies believes that every company, no matter how small or large, should be managed based on financial reporting. This means that we continually look at profit, cash and the balance sheet, so we can proactively support your business decisions. In this way those decisions are made not only on gut feeling, but also based on the Euro. We organise your financial accounts based on financial insight and therefore not (only) on the basis of the obligations to the government. Holthaus is your CFO on demand.


Holthaus Advies is a one-stop-shop for finance, tax and legal affairs. Holthaus takes care of the financial accounting, annual accounts, all tax returns, payroll administration, tax advice and legal advice. We organise the financial accounting with your financial reports in mind and therefor we have periodic recurring contact moments in order to proactively contribute to these three arenas.
For example, if new team members are hired from abroad or a merger or acquisition takes place, financial, tax and legal decisions have to be made. Holthaus is able to help with every aspect, from drafting of an employment contract, applying for a 30% ruling, or providing a full-fledged due diligence report. Holthaus is your one-stop-shop.


All our clients are assigned a personal Holthaus manager who at least has a bachelor or master’s degree and has at least 5 years of work experience. This manager is always available through a personal number. We use a 24/7 policy, meaning a response within 24 working hours. Internally we also work closely together. We use short lines between managers, trainees and partners, thus achieving and maintaining personal involvement in both areas.


Founder and director, Jeroen Holthaus, is an entrepreneur in heart and soul. This passion and enthusiasm continues within the team. We understand what it’s like to run a business. Most financial administration firms use yearly annual accounts and income tax returns as their main point of focus, which are drawn up retroactively. Holthaus Advies on the other hand, looks ahead at the financial strategy of your business and is constantly aware of tax risks. Holthaus Advies has a business mindset. Just as you.


EY, PWC, Deloitte and KPMG are the 4 market leaders in the field of accountancy, taxes and consultancy. They symbolize a certain quality, a benchmark. Two partners at Holthaus have worked at EY. You can make use of that substantial knowledge, however at very different rates. Why do the partners prefer to work for Holthaus instead of for example EY? The diversity in clients makes the work colorful. We feel responsible for managing your financial strategy and vision.


Holthaus Advies is continuously looking for the most innovative ways to serve and unburden its clients. We developed scan and recognition software Finibee, making manual accounting belonging to the past. Receipts and invoices are entered directly into accounting software on the basis of OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Customers no longer provide their financial documents hardcopy, but digitally via a dropbox or a drive. Holthaus Advies works digitally. Our customers have insight into their financial position at all times through online accounting programs. Finibee enables us to process the financial documents quickly and therefor at a competitive rate.


Holthaus Advies believes that it is our obligation to help others. We have initiated Account Your Future (AYF), whereby New Dutch citizens, (status holders) with a financial background are trained to become finance professionals in The Netherlands. AYF is not profit driven and is supported by fellow financial administration and accountancy firms, banks, the Holthaus managers and of course you (indirectly) also contribute as a client. The AYF trainee, has a disadvantage in the Dutch language, however with Finibee (our scan and recognition tool) they can still quickly enter Dutch invoices and receipts. Finibee enters automatically. The junior accountant becomes a verifier; hence language is less of a barrier.